So we have the basics.

Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m twenty. I’m a writer, and a student. I’m also many other things, some of which you might find out someday.  This is my little world on the internet! Here you go:

My Twitter. My Facebook.

My Formspring. My

My Wakoopa. My StumbleUpon.

My LG15 Profile. My Youtube.

My Dailybooth.  My Orkut.

My Flickr. My Myspace.

Where I spend most of my time?

Here. Also, Twitter.

If you feel some odd desire to contact me, my email address is

Unless you’re trying to reach me about Bloggess Army business, in which case it is

If you’re looking for me for writing purposes, or just feel the need to send me a wave, my googlewave address

You can pretty much tell that I’m not so much a fan of the fact that the Twitter ‘location’ field asks “Where In The World Are You?”, can’t you?